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Tom Bensley is a writer and online content creator. He has experience both in freelancing and full-time employed work, in both arts and marketing sectors. Tom values critical thinking, honesty, and clarity of expression in his writing and he is drawn to the intersection of tech and culture. 

Writing since he was able to put crayon to paper, Tom has always wanted to use his writing to help communicate and understand. He loves the expression afforded by online content and he relishes the challenge of learning a new subject and clarifying it for readers while promoting the services and products of his clients.


Theresa Winters, Founder and Managing Editor, The Plus Ones Magazine

Out of the hundreds of writers I've had the privilege to work with over the years, Tom stands out as one of the best. His diligence and passion, his unerring sense of his craft, and his clear prose makes everything he composes a joy to read.


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